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Sustainable Technology in the Trucking Industry

Sustainable Technology in the Trucking Industry

By Mudassar Ghafoor

Co-Founder RES

Trucks play a crucial role in shipping, imports, and exports. Since their demand is increasing every single day, innovative machines are stepping into the arena. The manufacturers are paying special heed to sustainability, less emission, and smart technologies. Top-notched trucking companies have already started to give these futuristic trucks an existence. 

You might be thinking about what technology makes the trucking industry sustainable enough to be appreciated by the world? Taking this query of yours, it’s time we talk about how the trucking industry becomes viable every single day and what factors are playing a significant role in this regard. 



Why is there a need for sustainable technology in the trucking industry?

The trucking industry is one of the renowned industries that is the center of attention for many. The reason behind that is the world is becoming more and more advanced. In order to make trucks free from emitting harmful impurities, experts are taking crucial steps. Keeping zero-emission machines in mind, the race for manufacturing reliable, environmental-friendly, and economical trucks is at its peak. 


Experts are leaving no pages blanked to take advantage of the technology. Telematics, in this regard, are playing a significant role. With the help of this unique technology, experts can monitor the functioning of the trucks. They can keep an eye on the activity going on the trucks concerning emission, engine performance, fuel efficiency, etc. The responsibilities of the drivers can be monitored whether he’s performing to his full extent or not. 

The worth-applauding technology is, no doubt, taking the trucking industry to the next level, but there is still room for improvement

The Route Strategies

It sounds ordinary, but the route strategies can be truly helpful concerning sustainability. The reason behind that is jammed-traffic, rain, and long routes can become a hurdle in the transport and logistics industry. If a truck is jammed in heavy traffic or moving at a slow speed due to rain, then it’s not good for fuel. It’ll cost the fuel industry dollars in this regard. To avoid this scenario, transport industries can count on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Choosing the shortest route possible by keeping weather conditions and traffic in mind, the logistics and transport industry can do wonders. 

Upgraded Aerodynamics

Instead of paying special heed to the environment and hurdles, why not make the trucks faster than ever before? Yes, it’s possible if we make our way towards aerodynamics. The reason behind that is about 54% of the speed is reduced by the air. In order to overcome this situation, experts are now focusing on trucks’ designs. 

In the future, there are maximum chances that fast trucks will be available with timely deliveries possible. 

Environment-Friendly Fuel

Last but not least, environment-friendly fuels possess the ability to make the transport industry top-notched. The reason behind that is diesel and gasoline have already caused enough harm to the world, and now we cannot take any further chances. The renowned companies are now shifting to fossil fuels to overcome emission and air pollution. If they decide to make their way towards electric trucks, then they’ll completely change the game both economically and environmentally. 

Comparison of Hino (500 FM8J) and Volvo (FMX 440) Trucks

Both Hino and Volvo are some of the top-notched trucks that are playing a significant role in the progression of the world. Both are made of supreme quality-parts with worth-appreciating features. It’s hardly possible to choose a winner between these two; that’s why a comparison will be helpful in this regard. 





Emission Norms



Engine Cylinders






Max Power



Max Torque

739 Nm

2200 Nm


Body Option

Box Body

Scoop/Rock Body

Chassis Type

Chassis with cabin

Chassis with cabin

Cabin Type

Sleeper Cabin

Day Cabin

No. of Tyres



Axle Configuration





Air Brakes

Air Brakes

Front Axle

Elliot Type Axle with forged “I”

Twin Steerable Front Axle

Front Suspension

Shock absorber semi-elliptic leaf springs

Parabolic leaf geometry suspension

Rear Suspension

Inverted semi-elliptic leaf torque rods

Bogie suspension with multi-leaf springs

Scope of Trucks in future Projects of Pakistan

Pakistan is investing largely in electric trucks to keep its transport industry top-notched. According to recent research, there are chances that Pakistan will use 30% of electric trucks by 2030, and this percentage will increase to 90% by 2040. The reason behind that is the Government of Pakistan is taking crucial steps to control the country’s climate condition. A few notable companies are playing significant roles in this regard. Making bilateral relationships with top-grossed truck companies like Volvo and Hino, Pakistan is adopting their technology. Keeping these things in mind, it’s wrong to say that Pakistan is onto something.


We’re already living in the future, but scientists are planning to go beyond it. The trucking industries in this regard are leaving no stones unturned to play a noteworthy part. They’ve made enough positive changes to keep the transport industry reliable, economical, and environmental-friendly. Their efforts are not over yet. Experts are deciding to take some extraordinary steps to completely change the world of transports and logistics. What will the steps be, the future will tell us? 

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